The Competition

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Calling all producers nationally, and internationally. Ours is a competition looking for the best of the best in dry, a little sweet and sparkling styles.  Our renowned Competition Director Debra Del Fiorentino brings together a top tier panel of esteemed judges. And winning in this Competition brings invitations to participate in Experience Rosé activities, including invitations to pour at events like The CIA at Copia, and be featured in Experience Rosé Media.

The first wine competition to be held since the Covid-19 shelter-in-place edict went into effect on March 18, the 2020 Experience Rosé Competition, was one to remember. It kicked off a duo of competitions that, in previous years, were held in separate months. The Women’s International Wine Competition was held immediately after the Rosé Competition, with the same professional judges at the same venue. Welcome to socially distanced sipping. So, how do more than 1,380 wines get judged in the middle of a pandemic?

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The Competition Begins

At 9 a.m., the attention finally turned to judging. A record number of rosé wines were evaluated, from a wide span of regions across the globe. Wineries were keen to enter, in hopes of earning a gold medal and the accompanying bragging rights. They saw this as an excellent business opportunity, in light of the impact of the winery shutdowns throughout the spring season.

Rose Wine for the summer

Put It to Use

Use these tasting notes to find your favorite palate pleasing rosé for a perfect, any time of day energizer. This versatile libation makes for a delightful brunch accompaniment, refreshing afternoon sipper, delicious pre-dinner aperitif, and can also pair wonderfully with dinner fare.

Rose wine guide

Congrats to these and all this year’s winning grape growers, winemakers, and vintners, whose wines tickled the judges pink! For a full list of award winners, visit