Experience Rosé

Rosé wine provides extraordinary experiences for everyone who revels in our passion for Rosé. Foodie to newbie. Winemaker to chef. Sponsor to volunteer. Because every day pairs better with Rosé. We promise you a fulfilling experience that will be personal, passionate and perfect.

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rose wine in the sun

Not “just another pouring,” but a curated and colorful “pairing.”  Linger in four spaciously arranged themed tasting areas where only gold-and-above award winning rosé wine and infused spirits, beers and ciders from our Competition, are paired with gourmet bites inspired by the cuisines of the four major production centers:  France, Italy, Spain, US/California.  

Rosé shouldn’t be limited to the summer; it’s just a light version of red wine,” says master sommelier Laura Maniec, owner of Corkbuzz restaurants. “Red wine gets its color from fermenting white juice with red-skinned grapes until you get a red color, and rosé is fermented the same way but for a shorter period of time.”

rose wine choices