Tasks: volunteers will work with Event Producers to create and launch a new, curated and immersive public event celebrating the winning wines from Experience Rosé: The 2018 Competition, artfully paired with food created by emerging star chef and Wine and Beverage students from The Culinary Institute of America. Volunteers will be organized into teams to handle such tasks primarily involved with pouring (staffing pouring stations for wineries who cant pour in person, relieving wineries pouring in person), Load-in and Load-out for wineries; reception and check-in; site maintenance (hydration stations, trash bins); XR Talks coordination and more.

Requirements: (desired, not mandatory) some knowledge of wines, experience with events or in tasting rooms, restaurants, retail wine sales, hospitality.

What’s in it for you: The chance to help launch a brand new signature wine event. During the event itself, all volunteers will work in shifts allowing them ample time to enjoy the event itself. Eye-opener hospitality upon arrival and a private monitored Volunteer Room where there will be munchies throughout the day; a branded apron (which has proven to be very popular) and of course, a few bottles of wine.

Contact: Scott Staub at 408.425.5711

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