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Craig Palmer, Co-Producer, craig@experiencerose.com  415 254 8658

Allen Habel, Co-Producer, allen@experiencerose.com  415.902.0645

Debra Del Fiorentino, Competition Director, debra@winecompetitions.com, 415.640.6337

Heather Noll, Public Relations Counsel, heather@chalkboardcomm.com 510.922.9426

Michael McKechnie, Director of Strategic Partnerships, michael@experiencerose.com, 415.310.6189

Heather J. McCloskey, Digital Media Editor, heather.j.mccloskey@gmail.com

Scott Staub, Director of Volunteers, scott@experiencerose.com, 408.425.5711

John Cesano, Director of Education,

Joan Lazarus, Special Programming, Production Art, joan@danceartsf.com, 415.828.2195

KT Graham, Production Manager, ktontour@gmail.com,

Susan Ordway, Branding and Marketing, sordway@gmail.com, 415.336.9666

Jennifer Keith, Art Director, jk@sheridonkeithdesign.com, 415.845.6028

Amy Sullivan, Photography, amysheridonkeith@yahoo.com,

Thank you to Ken and Diane Wilson, Isabelle Adams, Professor Lars Kronmark, Ashley Banta, Deborah Adams, Jacques Brix, Bernadette Byrne, Nicholas Petti, Catherin Réblé, Lisa Van Cleef, Nancy and Bob Bellue, Jeff and Margie Runquist, Michele Farhat and Linda Albiar, and Boris Lieberman at Farallon Law Group

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